New Shoes

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet”
Denis Waitley

The left and the right sole of my only pair of business shoes have holes in them.

This hasn’t been a problem for over 6-months because the weather has been so dry, but it is rainy season now. The tops of the shoes look fine. I polish them to shine black. Nobody at work knows that my shoes have passed their use-by date unless I cross my legs in a meeting or put my legs behind my head (which doesn’t happen as much as you might think in a business setting).

I chose these shoes carefully. I wanted a good quality, long wearing, very functional shoe.

They were never in fashion, and so they are never going to be out of fashion. I pity pretty women that feel the need to regularly change shoes before they have had a chance to become a comfortable extension of your leg.

I prefer old friends to a stream of regularly changing superficial strangers.

Now my old friends have holes in them and I am wearing out sock soles at record rates.  My socks are become a squigy soggy messes when it rains. It is time to be proactive.

I was surprised to learn that the average office worker has 8 pairs of business shoes. Men 4 and women 12. That is two more pairs than there are days of the working week.

I have a boss, the company director, who claims to have 400 pairs of shoes. Once another manager joked that she’d left the Walmart sticker on the sole. He doesn’t work with us any more  For some reason the Director thinks that telling us how much money she wastes on shoes will provide us with some kind of renewed motivation for our jobs. It’s as if one day we may earn enough to purge cash on our own frivolous status symbols.

Myself I only have one pair of black business shoes. I chose them carefully and frankly I really like them. I like them so much that I wear them to weddings and funerals. They are used to hysteria and morbidity from so much time under my desk at work.

As far as I can tell neither funerals nor weddings are coming up any time soon, but I still have to punch in on my 3 day a week office (suit wearing) McJob.

With a scuff on their shoe many would drive to the store and buy a new pair. Two holey soleys -forgetaboutit! And, eventually I too will buy new shoes (perhaps), but before that I would like to see if I am a closet cobbler.

I am not suggesting that cobblers, or fixers of shoes, are unskilled. I am sure that there are some artisan shoe repairers out there that will do a vastly superior job than I can.

The bottom line is that I simply do not want to have to work the hours (3) to earn the money to buy new shoes. Heck, I can’t even stomach working the one hour it would take to earn enough to get them professionally repaired. The opportunity cost of diverting those earnings from my investments is that great.

The way I see it my shoes are beyond end of life. Even if I fix them poorly (think a bicycle inner tube uhu glued to the soles). They might give me three more months to look out for sales and discounts on new ones. With youtube the way it is I can probably find some master cobbler to step me through the repair process so I can do a half pie decent job!

If I get a few more weeks I will also have time to consider whether there are any alternative uses for the carcass of a dead shoes. It is always the wrong decision to toss things into landfill.

They’ve been most excellent shoes. It would be a shame to see them carted off, but they are too well used to be gifted to charity. Perhaps they could provide a palace for a field mouse.

What beloved item have you repaired recently (post your tube video links!)?

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