About us

Mr Simple is an APE (Artist/Author, Publisher, Entertainer and Entrepreneur) who wishes he was a cartoonist. He still works part-time as a salaried pleb. His Mcjob provides free coffee and and plenty of rest from APEing. He is interested in finance, investment, economics, running and riding mountain bikes. He hates writing about himself in the third person.

Ms Simple is a successful working Mum and a doer of all things crafty. She’s an upcycler, a part-time writer, a shrewd business woman and a reformed soap opera addict. She enjoys the outdoors, de-cluttering, and 70% cacao chocolate.

We currently live as penniless aristocrats in a small cabin almost off the grid. The cabin is in a mature forest, which we share (the cabin and forest) with our only, and therefore favourite, son.

We like the idle life and are now firmly ensconced in the leisure class.  Our view of simplicity is that it is in the eye of the beer holder. Maybe you keep bees in your backyard. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you shop second hand, maybe you make your own stuff, maybe you take three naps per day. Just so long as you’re following your own quest for a simple, fun and happy life.

Our preferred approach is to make money quickly and easily so we can get on and enjoy our lives. We save a high proportion of whatever we make, because we have ridiculously low living costs. This in turn allows us to work even less.

We started the Less equals More, < = >, LeM for fun and one day when we feel done we’ll stop.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please drop a comment in the box.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Penniless aristocrats! That’s genius – There’s so many doctors, lawyers, and other “high-class” people that have the respect of aristocracy, and yet live the lives of plebeians/proletariat/slaves. It’s refreshing to see a more realistic outlook on life.

    I’m interested in how you’ve been able to live off of the grid? – I’m currently putting together a game plan to do this myself.


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