10 Things you currently pay for that you can usually get for free (and no not by stealing!!)

We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free”

Bill Hicks

10. Haircuts

Choose a simple style that you don’t need professional help to maintain. Encourage a relative to upskill and learn to cut hair with you as the crash test dummy. Extreme level up points: go bald deliberately!

9. Manicures

Learn to do your own nails while travelling, waiting around or watching TV. Host a nail party with a bunch of friends. Make if fun.

8. Massages

Think friends with benefits before forking out for professional fingers!

7. Coffee

Stay tuned in to find businesses in your area that offer customers free coffee. Visit friends for a cuppa. Drink coffee at work if they provide it free to employees.

6. Fitness

Ditch the gym membership. Walk outside. Run around the lake. Ride your bike. Play with your children. Mow your own lawn.

5. Books & Magazines

Join the public library. Read books in the store. Use the internet to find interesting digital readings for free.

4. Food

Source bulk goods like beans and legumes from freecycle.org. Grow a vegetable garden. Swap and trade with your neighbours. Receiving regular garden gifts from friends with plentiful bounties is great.

3. Transportation

Straddle the saddle of the pollution solution (bike) or walk. Ultimate level up: Sell your car and live life self propelled!

2. Banking

If your bank is charging you fees to manage your money move to a bank that will take good care of your money for free.

1. Childcare

Set up your own rotation system with 3 other couples. With 8 adults you could set up in a way that full time workers would only need to take 2 sick or annual leave days every second month. A better way is to have your retirement fund built up enough so that you don’t need to go back to work when the child is born and avoid child care fees entirely!

Got an outstanding 11th idea? Love to hear it! Click the speech bubble below the post title and drop us a comment.

14 thoughts on “10 Things you currently pay for that you can usually get for free (and no not by stealing!!)

    • Dan the Man I like your thinking!

      If you love movies why not get paid to watch? Most cinemas are looking for projectionists. I’d wouldn’t suggest working as a censure. By the sounds you see some horrid stuff.

      Maybe I should write a note on how to get into movies for free….

  1. Number 10, I cut my own hair! It’s been almost a year this summer. But I’ll tell you, it’s a big money saver. I save about $18 a month. I’m cutting my kid’s hair, too. What I like about it the most is the convenience of doing it at home whenever I feel like it. Such a time saver!

    Number 4, every year we have a vegetable garden we grow. We have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, radicchio, and all sorts of other salads and veggies. Again, big, big money saver there! Especially on the salads, which we love in our family!

  2. Outstanding list and great ideas! I’m actually working on the fitness one now – I’ve started a gym-free workout campaign over at LivingApex.com, you might be interested!

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