Don’t worry about the planet

“You think man can destroy the planet? What intoxicating vanity. We’ve been residents here for the blink of an eye. If we’re gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us”

Michael Crichton

There are a lot of people fighting right now to save the planet. I don’t think they need to worry.

The planet will survive, but we won’t.

We will poison the rivers, toxify the atmosphere and die of thirst.

And, we will genetically modify our foods,  and genetically manipulate ourselves until we are annihilated.

And, we will warm the planet until we bubble in the pot.

So don’t worry about the planet. Instead feel sorry for all the ducks that will perish with us.

All they’ve done to injure the planet is an occasional poo in the pond. They don’t deserve the same fate as us.

When you think about it environmentalists are really the ultimate humanitarians.

You don’t need to become a crusader to help them. Just buy low harm goods. Businesses practice will evolve as we – the consumers demand that they change.

It would be nice to break the cycle of the selfish generation that plundered and burnt the planet in pursuit of profit. I’d like us to become the generation that protected our home and enabled her to support many more generations of the families we care about.

3 thoughts on “Don’t worry about the planet

  1. Very interesting post. I have recently been changing the way I think, moving away from the hands-in-the-air, ‘it’s all to overwhelming and hard, we are doomed, nothing will ever change’ to blocking out the rest and modifying my own personal habits. I don’t think we can ‘change the world’, but if we change ourselves, the world will change.

    • Thanks. I agree with your comment entirely. Like you I don’t see a need to take on the problems of the world. To be honest I don’t think the world needs to change. It is perfect and beautiful despite the greed of man. All we can do is be less greedy, more contented, more friendly, more open and more compassionate individuals. When events make me despondent I remind myself that the purpose of my life is happiness and I’ve always found that focusing on the wrongs of others isn’t the shortest path to get there.

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