Vacations from life: You’re doing it wrong

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking”
Earl Wilson

Most of the people that I work with in my part-time McJob live for their vacations. As soon as they have finished one holiday they immediately plan their next. They need regular vacations because, from the outside at least, it appears that they hate their own lives and need to constantly escape.

I like vacations as much as the next guy. Bike trips, weekends away, digital vacations, a month experiencing a new city, but I don’t need vacations from my life. I really like my life. I’m content and happy. Going to a tropical island is a fun experience not an escape from a rut. I’m reminded of Milton Bearle’s old quote ‘laughter is an instant vacation’.

I think the main reason I don’t take many vacations is that my life is a vacation. Some time ago I dropped out of the working class to join the much more fun leisure class. I now work only 14% of the week. That leaves the other 86% of my time for leisure and sleep. As a result I get to do lots of things that I like to do  as often as I care to do them. I don’t have to wait for two weeks of Christmas holidays to swim at the beach. If the weather is nice I’ll go this Tuesday to cool down after mountain biking.

Maxing out leisure time doesn’t mean laziness. Quite a lot of my leisure time is spent in highly productive paid and unpaid activities. I don’t need vacations because I have so many balls in the air and I’m having so much fun juggling that I don’t need a break from the circus.

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