A Wealth Plan

“I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money”

Pablo Picasso

The formula for wealth is very old and extremely simple. Perhaps it is so old that it has been disregarded by the populous because it is considered archaic. We seem to have become a society that discounts the value of anything that isn’t electronic or digitized.

The unnecessary busyness of life fills our minds with noise. Our ears are too often closed to simple secrets that are whispered on street corners. In the moment when we might learn wisdom from the universe our attention dashes off to any great number of electronic distractions. But like many things forged in a bygone era the formula for wealth is as good now as is was when it was shiny and new.

Becoming wealthy and maintaining wealth is quite simple. There are only five steps on this path.

It’s not enough to know the destination or plan the route. We must also make the trip.

To become financially wealthy (the first step):

Need little.

Save more than you spend and invest the difference.

If you earned $100 you may spend $49, but you must save $51 and buy an asset.

An asset is not your house.

An asset is not your car.

Your job is not an asset.

Neither are new clothes.

An asset is anything that returns a continuous payment of money.

Assets are: a rental property, dividends from stock, interest from cash, interest from repayment of money lent, business ownership, producing something you can sell, rent or lease.

If you save more than you spend and invest the difference you will quickly become wealthy.

Financial wealth is the simplest wealth to attain.

To be truly wealthy you must have good relationships (the second step).

To have relationship wealth we need to understand that all relationships are build on trust and the best way to develop trust is to listen.

If you seek relationship wealth become deeply interested in the stories told by those you wish good relations with.

To develop spiritual wealth (the third step) sit quietly everyday.

Gaze within. Understand the true nature of yourself. If this interests you look out for my upcoming post on decapitation.

To develop physical wealth (health) eat starchy vegetables and live actively (the forth step).

Leave milk for baby cows, let the egg become a chicken, leave the fish in the sea and let the beasts run with the herd.

To develop emotional wealth (the final step)  – give.

Give your time as a volunteer, give your money as a philanthropist, give your wisdom (but only when it is sought) and give care and compassion to all that you meet.

These are the five steps to wealth.

By walking this path you can be wealthy – financially, inter-personally  spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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