Natural Gas…excuse me…

“You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!”
Dolly Parton

Our cabin is fuelled by a combination of natural gas and some electricity. I’ve previously discussed our thoughts on generating the little bit of electricity that we need.

Like electricity, our gas bill is comprised of a fixed line charge = $30 per month and a variable charge based on the gas that we use. After several months of monitoring this it became clear that our variable charge is very low. Around $5 per month. We only use gas for cooking and our gas usage is less than 14% of our monthly gas bill. This tells me that we are paying too much for line charges.

Refilling a 9 kg gas cylinder costs around $28  so I decided to experiment by unhooking from mains gas and setting up two cylinders connected directly to our house. We discontinued our gas utility bill and monitored the difference for just short on 3 years.  It has saved money because now we only pay for the gas that we use. We no longer have to pay a bill for gas when we go on holiday for a month.

Our annual gas bill has gone from $420-$550 per year to $56 for refills of the cylinders. The refills actually lasts us for about 14 months. So it is costing us an average of $48 per year (an 87% saving!). Sure there is a bit more of a hassle filling the bottle. I think I have mentioned previously that our cabin is about 250 steps (stairs not strides) from the street, but it’s only two bottles (18kgs) over 12 months so I think I can handle it [Ms Simple: what a hero!].

We always have the option of reconnecting mains gas, but frankly if we are saving 87% on our bill why the heck would we?

2 thoughts on “Natural Gas…excuse me…

  1. That is an incredible savings. It makes me wonder how many other simple little changes could save big bucks. I love reading your posts by the way!

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