Build a pleasant frame to show off your mind from its best angle

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

The other day I forgot to do something. I left washed dishes on the bench to air dry and I went out.

When I got home Ms Simple gave me the hard word about the dishes that she had found sitting on the kitchen bench.

“Why are you getting angry about dishes?” I asked.

“I’m not angry about dishes” she replied. “I’m passionate about simplicity!”

A good reminder about the value of taking the last 5 minutes to finish a job. Sometimes returning to finish the final 10% of the work can take the same amount of time as doing  the first 90%!

This somewhat dull domestic narrative has another important takeaway.

As I reflected on this experience I came to appreciate how much nicer it is to live with someone who is passionate rather than living with someone who becomes filled with rage by the smallest of life’s upsets. Ms Simple could have been mean and angry. Instead she was passionate and empowering. Instead of feeling hostile towards her for telling me off over an unimportant domestic task I ended up being thankful of her reminder and encouraged to do better in future.

She is a good person to share a life with.

Just another reason why I love her.

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