10 Surefire signs you’re living a simple man’s life

“I’m just a simple guy, I live from day to day.  A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away”

Led Zeppelin


10 surefire signs that you’re living a simple man’s life: –

10. You probably don’t poo…shampoo that is. After a few days your hair will go greasy. You wear a hat. A few days longer and suddenly your hair will look great. Hot water is all that you need to keep a skull clean.

9. Face fuzz is King. What simple man would bother chopping off that manly fluff every day? Save time. Trim your cheeks and your dome all in one hit.

8. You baked, brewed or built something this week. Beer, bread a shed – whatever. Solving your own problems with your brains, your hands and a few primitive tools is the simple man’s delight.

7. You’ve repaired the spouting on your house or done some other home improvement in the last 7 days.

6. You’ve taken a couple of daytime naps. The simple man’s life is active with time for adventure, exercise and physical work. The reward for freedom from mcjobs is a seista in a hammock in the sun during the middle of a beautifully sunny day. Ahh the bliss of simple living!

5. At least half your meals started the week growing in your backyard. The simple man also cooks simple meals, with simple ingredients and makes enough for left overs. Reheating food is much cheaper than cooking from scratch every night. The simple man also makes recipes from whatever ingredients are cheap. The simple man doesn’t shop for ingredients to make predetermined recipes.

4. You rode a bike at least 5 times this week.

3. Your home is small and uncluttered. You own more of it than your bank.

2. You received money in the mail. Walking to the letterbox sure beats driving into work.

1. You probably didn’t work at a formal career job today, but you probably didn’t spend any money either. Actually you probably didn’t spend any money yesterday either!

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