11 certain signs you are living a simple woman’s life

How many things are there which I do not want”


11 certain signs you are living the life of a simple woman are:-

11. You enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal with your extended family in the last 7 days and it probably didn’t cost $20 for the whole rabble.

10. Friends compliment your clothes and ask you where you bought them. You tell them how you got them from Repel Le Label (vintage, second hand, free or cheap non label clothes). It’s all about an eye for the buy. Define your style. Buy for life. Avoid ill fitting fashion of the week and above all no harm clothes warm from within.

9. You worked the soil this week. Planting or tending to the fruit, veggies and native plants on your landholding.

8 You decluttered, tidied or optimised something to save time later. The effort today is a gift to future you.

7. You’ve made some furniture or other household item out of a packing crate or other found materials. It’s not just the men that have rights to escape child care duties in the shed.

6. You make your own household cleaning products for your man to use around the home. Forget toxic expensive supermarket cleaners (heck forget supermarkets – they are evil!).

5. Your free time is active free not passive expensive. Life’s way better when you play with the kids and exercise rather than shop and watch TV.

4. You’ve changed your hairstyle to something simpler and cheaper to maintain.

3. You’ve had a chat and a laugh with your girlfriends in the last 2 days.

2. You smiled twice this week when people living rich complained about their working life. Bigger smiles when over spenders give you a subtle put down for living within your means (and having all the rewards that job freedom offers).

1. You didn’t work today, but you still received some money along the way.

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