The fortress of solitude

“Silence is the source of great strength”

Lao Tzu

What is the longest you have been completely alone?

When I say completely alone I mean no TV, no radio, no internet, no dogs or any other animals. No books, newspapers or magazines.

No pop ins. No interruptions from delivery people or strangers. No music or phone calls.

Complete solitude. Just you and the crickets.

As I grown older I have come to appreciate my need for solitude.

Solitude lets you hear the silence.

Solitude gives you space to reflect.

When you are completely alone, and only when you are completely alone, do you ever learn just who you really are.

2 thoughts on “The fortress of solitude

  1. Oh how I’ve missed this blog. Thank God I’m through my busy phase, or one of them anyway – now I can get back into my daily routine and diet of Mr. Simple posts.

    I love the simplicity and clarity of this post – for some reason this concept really hit home for me. Cliches may lose their power over time, as they become trite in people’s eyes, but there’s no denying the truth in the fact that silence is golden.

    You’ve inspired me to take 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing, in absolute silence like I used to on a regular basis – it’s amazing what the mind does in absence of the noise we tend to subject ourselves to!

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