Dirt and stars

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion”


We are made up of bacteria, star dust and atoms. Empty space mostly.

If you think about it deeply we are an amalgam of many other things. All the molecules and atoms that have assembled to make you have existed for a long time in the universe as something else…somewhere else. You are soil, a cow, a spear, a raindrop, cosmic dust, a meteor, a bear and some sunshine. Parts of all these forms have somehow manifested together perfectly to form you. When you return to the earth the parts of you will disperse on the wind, into the water and to the soil to become a flower, some dirt, a river and a deer. Another small part of you might continue down through your family line.

If just if, this impossible universe wills it there might be a future where the band is bought back together for one last number. The long forgotten jigsaw that was once you recollected again in the perfect manifestation. Until then recognise everything that you experience in your journey as simply something else in its temporary form. Each month of your lifetime you are renewed and recycled from the molecules and atoms of other things that rise from the soil to the plant (to the animal) into you.

You will acquire parts from matter you may find vile (evil dictators, spiders, snakes) but without whom you world cease to manifest. The universe sees puzzle pieces not friends and foes. If you understand your place in the cosmic puzzle it becomes easier to be kinder, more considerate and more compassionate towards the other pieces of this giant puzzle that are not yet you or part of your children or grand children.

Appreciating how far matter has had to travel across the universe to manifest each person you meet fills you with wonder and allows you to let go of hatred and temporary annoyance. Life is very very precious. Live yours kindly and wisely.

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