The simple living challenge – staring … you!

“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself”

Muhammad Ali

Here is a challenge. Live more simply for one month.

The rules of engagement:

1. Don’t buy anything for the next calendar month.

2. Solve your problems without spending.

3. There are no other rules.


How to approach the challenge:

  • Don’t preload. Let the challenge roll around and adapt to your circumstances. This challenge won’t test you if you have stockpiled 3 months of supplies in your larder before you start.
  • Say goodbye to supermarkets and retail chains.
  • No candy bars, luxury coffee or eating out (or takeaway food). Unless they happen to be in your pantry when you lift the page on the new month.
  • Eat from your cupboards until the real challenge begins (e.g. when you are hungry and your cupboards are empty). This is the experience that hundreds of millions of people around the world are sharing with you. The difference is that they won’t have the relief that abundance of food brings at the end of the month.
  • Figure out how to solve your own issues and emergencies without money (the exception being real life threatening emergencies- in those instances go ahead and spend the money!).
  • You may have some gas left in the tank of your car, but no refilling. Walk or bike instead. Cop out 1: You can buy 6 bus or train tickets per week, but no more. Six tickets is just enough to get to and from work on a few critical days, but still leaves two days with a travel challenge of how to get to work without paying for gas. Some will succeed here. Many may fail.
  • Borrow stuff. Rely on others more. The key is to barter, swap and trade. Leeches won’t last a full month. You must give to receive and giving is better but harder without money.
  • Cop out 2: Fixed utilities bills (gas, water, electricity) and other fixed monthly payments are excluded from this challenge. It’s altogether too much hassle, and too big a leap for most, to suspend these bills entirely for the month.

So that’s it…

From the 1st of next month staple your wallet shut or padlock your purse. Game on people!
In one month please return to this post and leave a comment to let everyone know how you found the challenge. What did you learn from this challenge? How did you exceed your expectations of yourself? Where and why did you slip up? What were you most proud of?

3, 2, 1, … go!

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