Happy camping can pay the rent

“Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness”

John Ruskin

The overwhelming assumption from everyone that you know is that you are committed to owning the most and very best material goods that you can afford.  There are two reactions from people who discover you are ‘off programme’. A small group of people get it. They will commend you.  They will admit to a level of dissatisfaction with the way of the world and with their own life and they will seek advice on which websites and books to read. This is a smaller group.

My mother is in the second camp. The main street mainstream camp.

My mother told me ‘Dear you are not supposed to be happy. Work is work. It pays the rent. You just need to suck it up so that you can provide all the things your family needs’.

My mother taught me a lot. Like how to choose a good bottle of wine and how to stay out of jail, but on this advice she is dead wrong.

We are supposed to be happy.

By decoupling living and earning we are attempting to live a life with greater potential for every minute happiness.

We have chosen meaning over money.

We are happy.

It is the right choice for us.

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