Simple solutions complex problems

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”

Bill Mollison

Instead of eating fresh vegetables from a local garden we transport cows, pigs and chickens thousands of miles to process in factories and then sell at over inflated prices in hyper large supermarkets.

Instead of riding a bicycle to a workplace around the corner we drill deep into the earth for black goo that we refine and transport to the far side of the world to burn in machines that crawl around our cities slower than a horse and cart did 100 years ago.

Instead of resting in small affordable shelters that we have build ourselves from material at hand we construct huge multi-room dwellings that we cannot afford to suck in and consume irreplaceable materials from every corner of the globe.

Instead of leading lives that are inherently physically active we spend thousands on pills and gym memberships to overcome the inactivity that we have engineered into our everyday.

Instead of visiting our friends and spending time talking we fritter away thousands of dollars of coal burnt in monstrous pollution plants to exchange superficial and inane twitter posts from our phone in an attempt to escape from our dreadful alone together social existence.

Your turn! Finish the sentence in the comments box below:

“Instead of …   ”


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