Business 2.0

“To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

We don’t own a business right now.

I became disillusioned with business.

Sure you can deliver low quality stuff to other people at an affordable price by exploiting your labour (and in doing so rake in a great living), but if we keep doing this…

Pursuing a never ending downward cycle of decreasing quality, bad relationships and lowest cost just what will we spend all that money on? The inferior quality junk that other people make by themselves exploiting the efforts of others?

Disillusioned completely, but recently I have become re-energised about business. But not the typical greed ethos.

I’m calling it business 2.0. It’s about developing a corporation that is really solving someone’s problem at a local level, employing local people and paying them well. Its about reinvesting all of the profits back into things that maximise the good of people and the planet. I want to grow the company so that it can heavily influence the full chain of a production process for the betterment of us all.

Lofty and noble. Doomed to failure….probably. Nevertheless I hope that we can hit upon an undercurrent that appreciates quality and charity. My goal is to be cost comparative to greedy commercial competitors yet better in everything that really matters.

I am actively investigating options. Your suggestions on industries or markets or business ideas appreciated! Low harm suggestions preferred!

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