Gratitude is the attitude

“Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you.

Be grateful it happens in that order”
David Gerrold 

There are 20 things we should be grateful for for everything that irks or peeves us.

Part of our family code is to focus on what we want (not what we would like to avoid). To that end we always mention a couple of things we are grateful of over breakfast and dinner.

I’m thankful for having a lovely woman to share my life with.

I’m thankful for my perfectly beautiful son.

I’m thankful that I have delicious plant strong food.

I’m grateful that I have friends for capers.

I’m grateful that I have land to support me and enough wealth to live life freely.

I’m thankful that I have parents who love me.

Hey, I’m grateful period.

Life is really your own picture to paint and you are the artist that paints it.

Don’t waste your time focused on the ills of the world, the wrongs of today or the lingering hurt from yesterday.

Instead pay attention to the wonderful things that are happening around you right now. The things that inspire and enrich you. Those things that may otherwise be crowded out of your attention by the bullshit and the bad stuff that tries so hard to capture your attention and hold your emotions at ransom.

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