Millonaires hiding in plain sight

“Death is the delightful hiding place for weary mean”


I was sitting in the city park today. Taking a break from my gruelling day at the office. I had just finished my lunch when a businessman walked up to me and threw money at my feet.

Never one to turn down a gift I thanked him and promised to turn my life around.

Three thoughts.

1. I wasn’t smiling. That is unusual for me. I smile a mile. Smiling sets your physiology.

2. It may be time to find some replacement clothes. The sweatshirt I was wearing over my business shirt is a bit hard worn and tattered and I still haven’t replaced my business shoes.

3. It was nice to provide this kind man with an opportunity to express his compassion for the unemployed.

I in turn passed on his kind donation and a few coins of my own to someone whom I felt needed the break more than I did.

A fourth thought…we are a highly judgmental species. Maybe I just gave those coins to a millionaire hiding in plain sight. Just like the fellow who took pity on me – the penniless aristocrat.

However, thanks to spending the last few years squirreling away a family retirement fund I’m not so penniless any more.

– You’d never guess it looking at me though!

Generally I try to get to know all types of people. I try to actively override my judgmental gut reactions. You never know someone’s back story, their circumstances or what they are going through right now.

Truth is nobody is any better or worse than me. Just different. Living their life to the beat of a different drum. We are all here alone together living our life the best we can.

Anyways, judging people is just insecurity in drag!

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