Dissatisfactory: The factory for unhappiness

“I never admire another’s fortune so much that I became dissatisfied with my own”
Marcus Tullius Cicero 

At the base of our existence is an underlying experience of the world. This can be understood as the basic settings for how we interpret all of our experiences unless we actively choose otherwise.

Unfortunately, we are very much grounded in dissatisfaction. So much so that we don’t really notice it as the lens with which we see the world.

We are dissatisfied with our job, with our appearance, with our life, with others and even with who we have become.

We are dissatisfied with our wealth, with our education, with what we can have or with what we will achieve in our lifetime.

We are dissatisfied with our home, with our possessions, with our neighbours, with our friends and at times with our children our partner or our spouse.

Without knowing it we automate the factory of disillusionment in our mind and this factory churns out dissatisfaction just as a timber mill churns out planks.

The amazing opportunity is that like any factory the dissatisFACTORY can be re-tooled and re-purposed to build better psychological products. The programme that runs the machines can be consciously redirected to seek satisfaction, contentment and ultimately happiness within our lives.

All we have to do is to decide to shine the light of conscious attention on our deep dark dissatisFACTORY and close it down for good.

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