Tuesday, Wednesday, Freeday, Friday…

“Too much free time is certainly a monkey’s paw in disguise. Most people can’t handle a structureless life”
Doug Coupland

Lots of people have money. Not many have time. Fewer still have friends with time.

In any given day I could do any number of things – all free with friends that have lots of money but very little time. I am like the devil on their shoulder encouraging them to call in sick and come out to play :).

I could go sailing with a buddy. He has a boat, the occasional day off, but nobody to go out with during the week.

I could go riding a mountain bike in the hills with a city councillor. Two of my buddies are councillors. They have time, nice bikes,  and usually nobody to hang out with that doesn’t have some complaint about public toilets or city rubbish.

Maybe I go for a run with some lawyers I know that exercise in the middle of the day.

Other days I will tend the garden together with the missus.

When it is wet I might go to the library. Surf the internet or read random books from the annals and discuss them with strangers.

Sometimes I’ll work on my posture, or my flexibility or my mind by meditating.

At times I will write, or cook, or paint. There are lots of starving artists that value time to create more than bread in the bank.

I might watch a classic French movie with a friend, draw some cartoons with my kid, or practise parkour with university students.

At other times I might go sit and appreciate art at the gallery with retirees. Older folks have a lifetime of narratives, but seldom some to share them with.

When it’s really fine we love to picnic by a river. Our favourite spot is less than a one minute walk from our back-door.

Usually what I won’t do in a day is spend money. In terms of what I like, what drives me, or what interests me there really isn’t anything that costs very much money at all.

There are more than enough things to do that I don’t need to buy  my experiences.


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