Earning the big bucks

“Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely”
Thomas Huxley

I remember when I made $137 per week. It was a lot of money for a young guy, but I spent it all. The day after pay-day I was grovelling. Desperate for that next pay check.

Next I recall making about $900 per month. Again I was broke a few days after getting paid. This time it was way longer till my bank account got recharged. I can’t even count the number of times I lived for a full week on a bag of frozen vegetables or plain rice three times per day for 3 – 4 days in a row.

Soon enough I was earning a whopping $1138 per fortnight. Still I never had any money. Then I caught a big break and earned $2600 a fortnight, but week to week I never had any money. Onward I charged. As part of a two income family we were making $10,000 per month both working full time, but we were broke as a joke and working extremely hard for the privilege! Our quality of living wasn’t much different than when we both made less than $900 per month. In fact there was no quality of life.

 Just, work, eat, exercise, sleep.

One day seeing the stupidity of it all we decided enough was enough. We started looking into financial independence and simple living. We rediscovered our passions and we began to think about the life we would live when we dumped our ‘more money’ focus. We began to save our pennies and turn our income into an income. Saving between 30 and 70% we multiplied our wealth quickly. We bought stocks, property, a small business, bonds and term deposits. All better than what we were buying before. Goodbye fragile electronics, fancy clothes and flashy vacations.

Now we live like I was living when I earned $137 per week. Together we make less than I did alone over 10 years ago, but we don’t have to slave our guts out to get it.

I really enjoy life on the other side. Seriously. Life now is far better than just a few years ago. We have chosen meaning over money and life has become a whole lot simpler. Now we know why we do or don’t do things. We are conscious. No longer robotic slaves running on autopilot as the masters that enslave us pull the strings.

Money does not determine your happiness. You need just enough to fund a simple life and no more. And living a simple life really does not cost very much at all.

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