Inventing money right out of thin air

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” 
Adolf Hitler

Central banks create money out of thin air. Money is not tied to gold or anything like that. Bankers just invent new money as they please. Their employees then lend the money to other banks who pass it on to you as a neat little debt upon which you owe interest.

The money to pay the debt back hasn’t been created yet and so the cycle repeats and ensnares some other poor soul. Bankers just invent more money out of thin air. If there was only one customer and one banker this system would be utterly insane!

This results in wage slavery for the entirety of your short lifetime. Of course it is disguised in the appearance of free will, but really there in little choice. If you don’t work for the majority of your day for the majority of days of your life to pay back the debt all of your freedom will be taken away. If not incarcerated you will be discarded to starve in a world of plenty and abundance.

This system is a nonsense.

By perpetuating this way of living together we threaten the very environment that supports our well-being and yet we quietly serve our life in labour to invisible tyrants who greedily accumulate all of the wealth that they can imagine (and invent).

This system is ridiculous.

Inventing money in this way makes bankers and power brokers very rich, but it enslaves us all.

Simple living isn’t dropping out of the system, but it is far healthier than the alternatives.

Avoiding debt is one of the ways that you can actively undermine this paradigm of global economic nonsense.

If enough of us reject this system we can encourage the birth of a more egalitarian, environmentally friendly and socially responsible framework to live harmoniously with nature and with each other.

The other critical point is this… Cash is king. At some point a recession comes along and banks don’t lose in these circumstances. They just take people’s homes and sell them cheap. If you have cash when this happens you could buy up every house in the street for $50,000 total. You could rehouse all the displaced home owners as rental tenants and over time you could sell their houses back to them as their fortunes recover. A good deal for everyone.

Discharge the debt that you have. Avoid, evade and circumvent new debt and credit whenever, however you are able. Cash is king my friends!

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