Produce, make, create…the antidote to the ills of consumption

“Honest hearts produce honest actions”
Brigham Young 

In the last 50 years we have stopped making things in the west. We buy everything from somewhere else.

Industrialization and then globalization were touted as an economic panacea for the ills of the world. Instead they have become a cancer.

Globalization has destroyed production in almost every country it has touched. The arrival of industrialized, mechanical processes has displaced many workers by destroying their traditional industries. Before the forces of globalization arrive in a country hundreds are paid for their efforts, and everyone has access to economic opportunities. After it arrives only the very wealthy (i.e. those who can afford a gargantuan plant and multimillion dollar robotic equipment) and a select few machine operators are employed. The rest of the labour force are displaced. Deemed useless and discarded. Out of need they matriculate from rural areas to large cities to beg, scavenge and prostitute themselves. Scrabbling together a life.

Since 2000 the US has lost 3 million manufacturing jobs, Brazil 2 million and South Africa 1 million.

The residue of this great economic transformation (industrial globalization) is populations of helpless hopeless unemployed or helpless hopeless employed working in unfulfilling, boring and repetitive third world mcjobs. They make my senseless western mcjob look like a fantasy camp in comparison!

It would seem sensible for societies with such technological wonders as we have to turn these modern marvels to the purpose of providing the means of life for the many and in so doing free us from the need to work. In so doing we could be free to pursue our life’s truest passions.

Unless many millions of us turn our back on this wasteful, inefficient and unfulfilling system it will run until it busts and bankrupts our children’s grandchildren. Poverty, hyperinflation and economic bondage. Quite a shit legacy really.

The best antidote to the economic poisons in our society is to produce. As we produce, and the more we produce on a homemade, local, human level scale, the less helpless we become. In time we can relearn the skills necessary to sustain our own livelihood and as artisans we may find more fulfilling economic opportunities for ourselves, our friends and for supporting our families. What you make with your hands will always be better than the cheap junk that falls off a conveyor belt in the latest low wage economy.

So go to the shed, the kitchen or the garden and make something for yourself. Even better make something and sell it in your neigbourhood.

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