Real secrets from the idle student

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

With great idleness comes great responsibility!

Long daily doses of idleness allow one to pursue secrets of the universe or just sit by a river and read Plato.

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time learning about things that they won’t teach you in school.

If you have a closed mind, a fairly fixed view of how the world is, or you are quite sensitive about topics like religion please stop reading now.

What follows are just possibilities. It is up to you do decide the truth. However, if you’re mind is open to possibility and you like interesting information then please read on.

During October I investigated:

#1: Thoth’s Emerald Tablets. Thoth was the Atlantean elder that founded Egypt upon the advanced knowledge of Atlantis.

There are 12 tablets. They have been dated to be over 36,000 years old. They are impervious to all known elements, agents and aging processes. In this regard the emerald green material that these tablets are written on violates the physical law of ionization. Given that snippet some pretty irresistible reading I should think…

#2: God (as in the one referred to in the bible). It appears that God isn’t some old joker in a toga with a fabulous beard, God is actually the Sun. As in the burning star in the heavens Sun. Try read the bible with that interpretation and see what you think. I believe that the Old Testament bible is actually a fabulous book of science, astronomy and physics. To help common people understand the deep wisdom in the bible the knowledge has been wrapped up in narrative and metaphor. Sort of like like how you’d explain natural phenomenon to kids. While the wise take the point behind the stories, the fool translates literally and learns through rote to worship fantasy stories about apples and snakes in a magical garden. The interesting question this leads to is that if the Vatican elite knows God as the sun and that they are in fact Saturn and Sun worshipers then why does their flock still get taught stories of a wizard in a cape, an apprentice son and their mothballed friendly ghost?

#3: There are 13 ruling families that control every aspect of our lives. They throne Kings, Queens and politicians, control worldwide media, start wars for profit and believe in one government, one currency, massive global depopulation and the occult. Exactly the types you don’t want in charge.

#4: The pyramids in Egypt were built using magnetic and vibratory fields not primitive tools or alien technologies . The wisdom of how vibration can carve stone or of how electromagnetic fields could be used to change the molecular weight of certain types of rock has been lost in the annals of time. There is however, some evidence that it has not been lost completely. Unless you believe in Alien pyramid builders in triangular flying saucers (and hey I’m not opposed to that concept given how vast the universe is) then there is just no way that humans with primitive tools and simple twine ropes could have erected the pyramid at Giza in less than 20 years with purely manual means. Even if this is a giant hoax it is still extremely interesting stuff to read about!

There are quite a few other nooks, crannies and rocks that I peaked under in October, but these four are probably more than enough to get you started on some really interesting questions.

The point of this post?

When I worked full-time I would never have had the energy, time or interest to ask one of the questions let alone all four. I was just wrapped up in the daily struggle for existence.

I suspect the system is designed the way it is to ensure most people are two tired to ask questions. Our days are jammed with work and our evenings completely filled with passive entertainment.

I’ve no doubt there are some sinister secrets that the ruling families hope we will never uncover. As long as we’re all caught up working for our survival they can stay in the shadows and continue to operate with impunity.

Having the opportunity to step back, look into, and advocate for whatever you please is something everyone should find time for.

2 thoughts on “Real secrets from the idle student

  1. Great Thoughts, but I think you missed the True essence of Who God is…he is NOT the Sun…HE IS THE CREATOR OF THE SUN. The creator of everything…Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Atoms, Time, Space…our very existence. Try reading the Bible with that in mind and see where it leads you. In the Beginning…GOD. He is the maker of Heaven and Earth. He lives outside of time and space. A good example would be a grandfather clock…if you look at all of the intricate pieces you are in awe of how it all works. You could say the pendulum is what makes it work or the gears inside or the hands going round and round and we can marvel at how great and magnificent a time piece it is, but we would be “worshipping” or exalting what was created when we should be in awe of the creator behind the clock…the clock maker. God is the ultimate clock maker in that HE put this universe in motion. By speaking he created everything out of nothing. He is not the pendulum in the clock or some piece that makes it stay functioning. He is the Clock Maker. He is not part of the clock, he is the clocks creator. We need to worship HIM not as the center of our universe, but as the very creator of all existence. HE IS GOD, we need to worship Him as such.

    • Thanks Andy great point. I understand what you are saying. There has to be a designer or the universe would be chaotic. In a sense you are God (as am I). You don’t find the designer looking out. You find IT within. I agree that there is a cosmic consciousness or a metaphysical connectedness between all of us. There are lots of names for this and one of them is God. Others are oneness, Buddha, the Tao or the godhead in Hindu. My view is that our popular western religions don’t really present this very well since we all have descended from long lines of sun worshiping back to the days of lost gods like Appollo and Horus. Western religions are shells of the true spiritual message. Mostly just ritualised fable passing. Unfortunately the god concept discussed in the bible more centred around the idolization of Saturn and the Sun than the message of IT (or HIM as you say). You can see this clearly in the sybmology surrounding the Vatican. The world could become a better place if religions leaders promoted a message of togetherness based on the core spirituality (e.g. the true message of Moses – ‘I am THAT, I am’).
      Thanks for the interesting comment.

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