Fortune or misfortune? – just how you see things really

“Doing what’s right is no guarantee against misfortune”
William McFee

We have experienced what some might consider a disastrous couple of weeks. Others would look at these circumstances and say it is incredibly good fortune. Life all depends on the perspective you add to the events and capers you get involved in.

First my boss revoked my part-time status. I’m now required to come in 5 days instead of just 3. We don’t really need that extra money and I value that extra time much more than the compensation I’d receive forfeiting it to work. So I see this as an utter disaster. Like I will probably have to quit and find something else. Since I’ve reached a view that all jobs are much of a muchness – same pathetic corporate values, same bureaucracy, same sill team building exercises changing jobs is a bit of a chore. Definitely misfortune.

However, if I were on a low income, with no savings and living in a high cost recessionary environment, getting two more days work per week would be a magnificent windfall. I’d view my circumstance as a godsend, not the soulless prostitution of my spirit or talent.

The other thing that happened was that the shed on our property was broken into and cleaned out. Some would view this as a disaster, but we viewed it as good fortune since the shed was full of stuff that we were looking (unsuccessfully) to re-home following our quarterly decluttering ritual. ¬†Another blessing was that to make room for the decluttered stuff we had to move a few important/expensive things out of the shed first. It also let us know that the crappy single padlock wasn’t really up to the task of securing the stuff we’d like to keep.

Last our neighbourhood was flooded by heavy storms a the start of spring. In the days before many were concerned or frightened about the potential damage that so much rainfall might do. We were a bit excited by the possible rainfall. It would be a great test of the new land drainage system that we had spent a week building.

It worked great and although there was some flooding under our house we came out pretty well compared to our nearest neighbours who has water come through their front door and ruin their carpet. We had discussed the need for better drainage around our house over a year ago. I had time and willingness to put our drainage plan into action. Our neighbours were working to save up to pay for someone else to do it, but they never got around for it.

The trouble with the pay someone later strategy is that there is always something more glamorous to spend money on.

Its just like how you see the world. There are always lots of ways to look at everything. Quite often I force myself to find 2-3 other interpretations before I act. This really helps to me to respond in line with my beliefs and values rather than react blindly to my emotions.

Its not about forcing myself to be falsely positive. It is just a means to cut through the fog of war and understand the landscape better.

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