Surviving on distraction

“War, like entertainment, is just a distraction”

Barbara Ehrenreich 

If all of the media outlets in the world are linked together and owned by the same few and everyone in the world gets most of their information and education from these very same root sources then nobody is terribly well informed. The populace at large can easily be pacified and distracted through news events and other brainless forms of entertainment like video games, movies and TV.

The worst distraction in my opinion is military-political theatre that is always in our face over the last decade. It’s just a charade of conflict for profit designed and delivered in ways that galvanize public support for more conflict (and even more profit).

All this distraction just stops people from looking at the picture before them.

Just what is that picture?

Our jobs provide just enough to ward off starvation and disease, but not enough so that we are fulfilled or empowered. We are paid just enough to make sure that our circumstantial discomfort is not so great that large numbers of us rise up and create new circumstances for ourselves or worse – collect together and create an evolution of civilization.

The tragic truth is that if the resources of this blue rock were evenly distributed we would all be millionaires!

Every African child, every starving Bangladesh family, every 711 worker could easily control $1,000,000 of resources. But, we aren’t millionaires aplenty. We are worker bees serving the Queen (who herself is a servant to the rich few). In the end both the Queen and the pawn ends up in the same box no matter the role they played in their life on the board.

And the monopolies, well they collect an even more uneven share of the loot.

Instead of turning on the TV when you get home tonight find some time to think about what matters to you. Consider also whether you should have to struggle like you do to survive in a world that is so plentiful.  The hideously greedy wealthy overlords, the architects of our social and financial structures, have designed everything for their gain. Our experience has been deliberately designed to reinforce unacceptable institutionally imposed inequalities.

The worst secret hiding in plain sight is that for the most part we meekly obey and accept their system as our own.

Worse still are those who are so ensconced they can’t see through it. Maybe they see the poverty or the environmental destruction, but these are marginalized and largely disregarded as an inevitable consequence of living the good life.

Who are you really working for tomorrow when you go to the office or the factory? Are you getting a fair share of the profits from your efforts, creativity and energy? If not why not?

Better question – what are you prepared to do about it?

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