Wasting money at work

“When you concentrate on agriculture and industry and are frugal in expenditures, Heaven cannot impoverish your state”
Xun Zi

This morning Ms Simple said to me “You know what? I usually spend more money on workdays, but there is really no need to spend any money at all. There’s no point working part-time if I blow it on lunch or coffees. It just means another year I’d have to work to recover the lost savings!”.

She packed her lunch and planned to get free coffee from work.

Her thinking is spot on. We have goals and dreams that require finance and the more we save from work and other incomes the easier and sooner we can get there. We considered both working full-time and putting our kid in day care. Two full-time salaries would help to achieve our investment targets very quickly, but in the end we both chose to work longer in part-time roles so that we could live a good life right away.

We felt it was important to construct weeks that allowed us to achieve our financial goals while also having plenty of time to pursuit things that we enjoyed more than sitting in a cubical looking at a digital window.

Let’s face it that time you spend in a cube farm is an utter waste of your spirit. Why not mix that experience with much more fulfilling ones?


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