The city

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”

Alan Alda

There is nothing really left for us in the city.

We have no need to view Hollywood movies that emphasize the absolute worst elements of western culture through another rearrangement of what is essentially the same plot and story.

The electromagnetic energy fields from cell phones, and other electro-technical devices blank out  the earth’s natural Schumann Frequency (7.83 Hz) that heals, empowers and enables life. All life including ours.

The toxins and fluoridation of city drinking water disgusts us. It is mostly the deception that flouride in water can prevent cavities that I find repulsive. We yearn for a clear healthy country stream with water that don’t require expensive reverse osmosis filtration systems.

The built environment of the city is so dirty and artificial. What nature there is is tightly controlled by the city plan. All water is fenced off and climbing a city tree to read a book can lead to incarceration. City officials just don’t seem to like people climbing anything.

People in cities are so pressured and stressed. They forget themselves and become angry and highly competitive where they may otherwise be kind, considerate and collaborative.

Our senses have become blunted in the city. Our experience is tightly constrained within acceptable limits.

It is all just the pattern of life. We are entering the next stage. Some of you will have passed through this stage. For others it will be on your horizon. Distant or imminent.

The cycle goes:

Grow up.

Pursue a good education.

Matriculate to the city.

Get a great job.

Earn a lot of money.

Start a family.

Change your values.

Lose your work only focus.

Become disillusioned.

Forgo the city.

Move to the country to raise the young.

Relax into the pace of life.

Retire surrounded by family.

As I near the end of my first week of full time work, after having been part-time for a long time, I know that this way of living is not compatible with what I believe is the purpose of our life. As I’ve said before the purpose of our lives, all of our lives is to be happy.

One cannot remain happy if the majority of the activity of every day is incompatible with happiness.

It is time we changed our life again – all for the better I think.

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