Corporate Culture: Fear!

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway”
Steve Maraboli

In an elevator travelling up to work a woman I work with admitted that she had not slept the previous night.

Before going home she had received an angry email from one of our colleagues. The managing director wanted to see them both in his office this morning.

As soon as the doors opened she dashed off looking very stressed.

It all seemed very trivial to me. There is nothing that could happen at work that would cause me to lose sleep.

Most people’s worst case scenario – losing their job – isn’t all that scary to me.

Like them I have a family to support, but unlike them we have been fortunate enough to realise the need to decouple our earnings from a salary from a corporation. We also realised the importance of having low or no debt.

Economic freedom makes one pretty relaxed about the whole work stress experience.

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