A clever form of slavery

“The distinguishing sign of slavery is to have a price, and to be bought for it”

John Ruskin

In ancient times conquered people became the slaves of the ruling class. They provided the labour that ran nations. The slaves had little freedom and failing to follow orders would likely result in death.

Ultimately this system became unsustainable. As slave numbers grew slaves began to rise up and demand a better deal.

The next version of slavery provided slaves with more freedoms. They were paid small sums for their efforts. They could have separate dwellings from their masters, they could raise families, learn trades and they could eventually buy their citizenship and free themselves from slavery.

Again this system was not sustainable. Once slaves tasted a little freedom they wanted more.

Next bourgeoisie allowed the proletariat the right to farm their lands. In return for working the land and making it productive for the landowner the serfs were allowed to retain a small proportion of the profits to raise their family on.  Again this system was unsustainable. Hard working plebs rose up and disposed of the ruling class. In this model the people eventually realised that they were little more than slaves to their lords. The unfairness of the structure inspired mass action.

We now have a much cleverer system. It is so clever in fact that if you describe our current system of slavery to your pleb friends they are likely to become quite angry with you for pointing out the obvious truth that we are all slaves.  The current system has enough real and perceived freedom and enough distraction that people never contemplate the parallels between their life circumstances and experience to that of slaves from olden times.

The cleverest part of this deception is the invisibility of the ruling class. The slave owners, the people farmers or the modern bourgeoisie. They are of course the hideously wealthy central banking families who have things set up so that they own the world as if it were a giant casino. No matter what happens they always win.

If we were to awaken throw off our manacles and rise up, we might overthrow a government (or two). A new government would quickly be reinstated and those politicians would quickly become beholden to the families who ensure that there was no real systematic structural change. George Carlin jokes that the bankers take new presidents into a dark room and show them a never before seen angle of the JFK assassination. They they ask the president – “Any questions?’ to which he or she replies “Only 1. What is my agenda folks…?”.

While superficial things appear different when politicians change we would are still be required to labor from dawn to dusk. Our wages do not improve. Our freetime does not increase. Our quality of life gets no better. Fairness and equity between the haves and the have nots does not increase. Needless war for profit does not cease. Our earth does not become any cleaner or better protected.

The system and the owners of the system continue to thrive irrespective of the revolving door of politics.

Our masters most important outcome – the slavery of our children is eternally ensured.

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