Pick a peck of pickled peppers…sweet sweet spicy peppers….ughhh

“Mmmmm Guatemalan Insanity Peppers”

Homer J. Simpson

As I munched on a pickled jalapeno pepper straight from the jar…

[Ok, I am a bit weird. In terms of my plant strong diet these are like my version of KFC’s addictive chicken!!]

So as I munched on a pickled pepper Ms Simple begins with …’You know what…?’.

I do.

She didn’t need to say it, but I knew she was going to burst my delicious jalapepper bubble.

First she pointed out that the peppers tasted so hot and good because they were covered in salty sweet brine. Would you like some peppers with your sugar and salt?

Then she pointed out the country of origin was China. Nothing against China, but that is a lot of food miles for something I can get free from our garden. Also their food safety record isn’t all that good.

With the barest minimum of research I discovered fairly concerning human rights issues for workers of this pickled pepper company I was chowing down on…

…and so on many levels she compelled me to awaken from the spell of the pepper…to give up this scorching sweet wee treat.

Eating them doesn’t fit with my diet for healthfulness.

Eating them doesn’t fit with our no harm intent.

Eating them is not doing the planet any favors.

They are hot going in and they are much hotter coming out. I don’t really enjoy the conclusion as much as the inclusion!

So this is my farewell to pickled peppers post.

Hopefully my next addiction, while being equally idiosyncratic, will be better aligned my personal and our family values.


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