An economy of our own

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill

In the New Year we will embark on another journey. It is time that we created our very own economy.

Our partial dependence on corporate economy now comes with too many strings. We opt into the system when it works for us and look to opt out, or work around the system, when it doesn’t work for us. You can take from this that it no longer working for us.

We feel that by creating our own economy, through entrepreneurial endevour, we can regain more freedom than we have at the moment.

By decoupling, or rewiring our relationship to money we hope to graduate from those who earn (that is trade their time for money) to those who generating value for others.

We expect this to be wildly successful. There is no point focusing on what will go wrong (see point 10).

Our business goals are highly philanthropic.

We will measure profit and success in terms of the spillover social good (charitable contributions) that we generate beyond that which we require to sustain our simple existence.

It will be an exciting and challenging year and we are both looking forward to it.

Happy holidays.

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