Living in a rainbow: The bricoleur’s guide to renovation

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”
Maya Angelou 

Every home owner that you know has left over paint. Most people leave it in the shed under their house because it can be expensive to dispose of properly. Usually it’s the accent colours that are left over not the boring main colours that everyone paints with these days. If you ask friends will happily give you their paint scraps and you can use them to turn home into a rainbow. All for free! 

Our bricolage ways extend to scavenging paint and we’re not afraid of colour. The bright leftover bits others used on the trim, the doors or the window frames become the colour of our walls.

Our kitchen is lime green. No kidding. Our bedroom is golden yellow. Our hallway is red. Our roof is dark grey. Our doors are orange. Other parts of the house are blue grey. The bathroom is olive green and other bits are white with a different shade of red. All found paint.

If the purpose of paint is to conform to you neighbours then scavenging paint is the wrong idea. Still, one of the nice parts of the deal for us is that in using discarded paint we are actually doing your neighbours and friends a favor or avoiding the paint going down the drain into the city stormwater system.

However, if the purpose of paint is to protect your house and to inspire good vibes then living in a painted rainbow is the right choice. It’s also the right choice if you’d like to achieve these outcomes without spending any of your own dimes.

We have magnetic paint in places and other walls and doors are painted with chalkboard paint. Many parents pull their hair out once their kids start drawing on the walls. We decided to find a way not just to make it okay, but to actually have fun with it. Chalkboard paint is great in this regard. It can be expensive, but it can also be free too. Just ask around amongst your parent pals!

Now I appreciate that you may be sat there on the other end of the internet imagining our house and thinking crickey it sounds bloody awful! We also know that people visit our house and ask our friends if we are both colour blind, but we don’t care.

It is bricolage. It is simple.

You just can’t be unhappy in a rainbow house the way you can in a house covered in standard depressing colours like grey, beige and white.

If like us your bottom line is doing things to encourage happiness and bliss then just try it yourself.

Look past gawdy and see the good times and great vibes that everyone gets from rainbows.

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