Yearning for earning

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”

Robert Kiyosaki

Everybody needs money.

Check it. Most people, regular people like you and me – we need money.

The real trick to life is figuring out how to get it.

Most of us become job slobs.

Our parents were jobbers. They worked mcjobs. The money from their mcjobs  put us through school so that we could become job slobs just like them. We feel grateful and also compelled into this way of life. We want to repay our parents for suffering the hardships of work. We also want to provide for our children in so much as we seek to condemn them to the same fate as their grandparents. If you think about that for just one minute you might wonder why we are so eager to throw each generation under the bus.

When job slobs like us retire we seem to arrive at the same realisation about our work. That it was pointless. All the hassle and stress. For what? All that life and time wasted. All for a little bit of money. Usually not even enough to allow a comfortable retirement. A totally absurd proposition and yet it is the future we hope to pass on to our children.

There are other ways, better ways to live more, to work less, to cause less harm and bring about less environmental destruction but because job slobbing it is our only experience of the world we lack the skills and knowledge to pass on any other more meaningful way of living to our children. Like rats in a trap we run the wheel.

At the lowest rung of the ladder is the job slob. You, me and most people that we know. We all trade our time, effort, and creativity for a regular salary. As job slobs we EARN our money. The word earn correctly implies that we have to work hard for it.

The next rung are entrepreneurs who MAKE money.  These folk monetise their creativity to solve people’s problems. The creation, sale and employment of others gives them an income. While they may be more engaged in their work, or enjoy it way more, they are no freer than the job slob. In fact may small business owners and entrepreneur’s will tell you that they are actually less free. They work long hours, have high levels of stress and are some of the worst debt slaves you will come across. Meeting the financial commitments of their company can be a big challenge and many are fearful of what could happen to their livelihood if they take even one day off. I meet one small business owner of a radiator repair shop that hadn’t had a holiday in the 29 years since he opened his garage!

The last rung of the ladder are the lucky sods, the money gods, that RECEIVE money. By owning something – business, property, assets, shares, or bonds they receive a regular income for doing jackshit. There is a big difference between working in the business and working on the business in the role of a director or an investor.

The rub is that whether you are on the first or second rung of this ladder or the second step, unless you keep back some of your earning and invest it wisely you will never ever reach the third rung (unless you marry smart). The great news is that the hungrier and more aggressive you are about climbing the quicker you can appreciate the view from the top.

At the moment my family is getting closer to the third step. We’ve slipped off the second rung a couple of times, but it looks very likely that we’ll ascend again very soon. We’ve both sick of the grind, the machinations and drudgery of the first step.

Where are you perched? EARN, MAKE or RECEIVE?

Better question…where are you heading this year?

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