The Hallmark of a clean house

“A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework”

Ruby Lou Barnhill

We’ve previously shared some secrets to more effective home administration and cleaning that saves effort, time and money.
 The main secret? Candles!!

Today I’d like to share an important supplementary suggestion to compliment our previous post on house cleaning.

Cleaning the house with a toddler in residence is like shoveling snow in the middle of a storm. While you clean in one room your little champs will be making a huge mess somewhere else in the house. It can become hard to keep everything pristine for house guests and pop in visitors. For some reason we seem to clean more for visitors than for ourselves. There is something about fear of judgement that encourages us to keep our homes more spic and span than we otherwise would.

But…now you need not worry about being judged a poor homemaker.

Simply acquire some used get well cards and place them on a counter top or window sill. Anywhere in plain view in the messiest public room in your house. When visitors arrive and turn up their nose at the mess they will see the cards and assume that one of you has been very ill. Too ill to clean properly. Only the most unkind person could blame you for letting things go a bit when you get sick!

Who knows…their compassion might manifest as vacuuming!

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