The primary signal: trust your vibes…

“To live content with small means; to see elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable and wealthy not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly…This is my symphony”

William Henry Channing

Vibrations are extremely important in determining the quality of our experience because everything is just vibration.

We live in a universe founded on vibration.

We know this, but we don’t know this.

In a dark part of the city we may tell a friend that we have a ‘bad vibe’. When things aren’t working we seek harmony and we are comforted by the universal sound when we encounter it.

If our ears were better we would hear the stars singing to us. I’m not being poetic. They really do sing. There is a special branch of science that listens to the noise created by the vibration of stars.

Everything in the universe is energy and vibration. The heartbeat of the planet is 7.32 Hz called the Schumann Resonance. Birds, bees and other living creatures all resonate with the same pulse. Like us creatures large and small become disoriented and sick when the Schumann Resonance is masked or distorted. We too are creatures of this planet but we build our nests in cities with so much technology (wifi, radio, microwaves, cell networks, home phone handsets) that it is impossible to detect the 7.32 Hz waves that give us good health and vitality

The invisible is all too easily ignored as we build our cities and homes, but vibration is the core of all things.

Every atom in your being vibrates at a frequency of yup you guessed it – 7.32 Hz. This frequency is the who of your cells which in turn is the who of you.

Someone who is depressed has a slightly different vibration from someone who is contented or happy. We might say of the happy person ‘ah she is so vibrant’ reflecting our experience of her ‘energy’. Likewise you’d say about a depressed bod – they have bad energy or a bad vibe. This isn’t just a figure of speech. It relates to your sense of the vibration of their atomic energy. Vibration is what you know or feel, but you aren’t consciously aware of exactly what it is that you know or even how you know it.

We can create a better reality for ourselves by raising the frequency of our own vibration to be in perfect harmony with the natural universe. This is not a new age goofball idea. I don’t own crystals. I can’t commune with the dead and I’ve never had an astral projection (whatever that is).

Becoming aware of vibration is just a simple strategy for relating to life in a more simple way. The best way to do this is to find stillness, silence and nature every day. Find space and listen to the gaps between sound. Starting to listen for the silence in between the sounds is incredibly hard having spent your whole life deliberately and then unconsciously tuning it out. Look and seek out experiences that help you better understand the vibration in your environment. Vibration and combustion (of energy). This is everything.

Growing your awareness of vibration decouples action-reaction and allows you to be more present, more peaceful and more contented. I always knew I liked nature though. It bought me calm and peace and I’ve always known that contact with nature was fundamental to my own happiness.

This probably all sounds like horseshit. It did to me at first and that is why I ignored energy and vibration as the fundamental truth of things for many years.

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