The little voice in your head

“First sign of madness, talking to your own head” 

J.K. Rowling

We write about mind a lot on this blog. Sorry or you’re welcome! It’s because we feel that you can’t become truly happy living the simple life if your mind is cluttered with weeds. Messed up thinking can make the happiest circumstance an awful burden. Thanks to the cultural narratives that we grew up with, we both thought that the voice or voices in our head were us. That this stream of dialogue was our voluntary mind thought. But answer me this…if that voice in your head is voluntary why can’t you turn it off as you please? Most people can’t turn the little voice in their head off for more that a minute on a good day.  Far from being under the voluntary control of our mind that voice is really a babbling mess. In Eastern philosophy that voice has been called the ‘monkey mind’. The monkey flits from thought to thought. Monkey mind simply reacts to whatever is in it’s line of sight. As you tune into the messages you quickly realise that the little voice in your head is mostly looking to keep you miserable, unhappy or generally fu*ked up. The little voice says things like – “Go on treat yourself. Eat the cake. You deserve it. What’s the point in living if you don’t enjoy yourself..?” or “Don’t listen to them. You’re not an alcoholic. One drink won’t hurt. Come on it will relax you…” or maybe “He doesn’t mean to beat me. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t provoke him like that…” The good news is that voice in your head isn’t really you. Josh over at Living Apex points out that the ancient Greeks considered the voices in their head to be the Gods speaking to them. They saw the voice as external to themselves. It was up to each individual to determine which God’s voice was speaking and then to decide whether or not to act or to ignore the messages of the Gods. So if that babbling voice isn’t you who are you?. Who is it that sits behind the voice? Listening, monitoring, watching? Your life becomes much much better once you learn how to quiet the noise in your head. With space and stillness you can connect with the listener and in doing so unlock the riches of your true innate wisdom. You are not a little voice. Remember who you really are.

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