Texting while smoking: Financial Hari Kari!

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket”

Kin Hubbard

I work with a young guy. He’s on grad + wages. He wanted a motorbike which I’m fairly certain was to impress a girl…but I digress.

Some time ago he complained about not being able to save.

Quite directly I told him to quit smoking and sell his mobile phone.

“Both are financial suicide and both are socially obnoxious” I said.

He looked at me dumbstruck and told me that he couldn’t live without his phone.

Anyway, yesterday he came in with a bike helmet and proudly told me he’d finally saved the deposit. The rest is on finance (doh!). He actually thanked me because he did give up smoking and he’s never felt better. He also downgraded his phone to a very cheaper phone on a prepay plan. Turns out his mate bought his smart phone off him for $700 which he put towards his motorbike. He told me I helped him figure out that the motorbike was more important to him than surfing his phone on the bus (which obviously he no longer needs to do since he will be travelling by bike from now on).

I’ve long since given up on mobile phones. Now I just think they are stupid. I’ve also never smoked.

What I have done is figure out what is important and then I’ve had the tenacity to put everything I earn towards exactly what it is that I want.

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