Born to move

“Let they that would move the world first move themself”


It’s pretty evident that we aren’t designed to sit in stooped postures all day everyday.

Humans are born to move. By moving we encourage and maintain good physical health. Our mobility is very much a case of use it or lose it. The generative breakdown of old age largely the story of how active we have been throughout our life time. Like Goldilock’s porridge too much or too little is not good. We need just the right amount of movement and activity. If you keep your head very still and stare at a screen for long periods you will begin to have a forward-head-posture then tension headaches followed by clicking popping and then neck pain and loss of movement. Neck range of movement reduces and one day you realise that you can only turn your neck about a quarter of the distance you could a few years ago.

To counter our sedentary lifestyles we all rush to the gym to complete calisthenics, pump classes and cross fit sessions. Maybe we throw in some Pilates and Yoga too. This one hour musculoskeletal blasting is supposed to overcome 10 hours sat perfectly still at our work desk.  Given the numbers of people with mechanical breakdowns it doesn’t seem to be working to plan.

It’s easy to find an excuse to be sedentary, or inactive but we need to move all day everyday to maintain good body health. So reverse it up. Find excuses to be active and find physically active ways to have fun. Slip in a stretch in the hall when you go to the bathroom. Dance to a meeting. Run in mid morning. Ride your bike home from work. Skip with your child. Climb a tree. Body surf in the ocean. Or if that is all just too adventurous just get up go for a walk or stand up and clean your desk. Everytime you find an excuse to go from still to strolling you are doing your self a world of good.

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