Get right with yourself and fast

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”

Mark Twain

I used to know a woman, actually I still know her, but I just don’t see her very often. Anyway this lady had a peculiar thing that she did. I always thought it was a tick or whatever. It really didn’t bother me. Someone once told me she was just really shy about her nose. When you talked to her she’d shy away, drop her head and go a bit red in the face if she thought you were looking at her nose.

Maybe it was a tick, maybe she was self conscious about her nose or maybe it was something else entirely. Regardless there are lots of people that have a ‘nose’ that is ruining their lives. At some point we all develop a self concept about our ‘defects’.  We imagine and project what people must think about our [insert your own defect here] and if we let these thoughts capture us we can get into a world of hurt.

But a nose, even a really big conker, is just a nose. There are great lovers with great noses (Cyrano de Bergerac), great minds that didn’t let their nose run away with their lives (DaVinci) and great actors (Owen Wilson), actresses (Jennifer Grey) and entertainers (Barbara Streisand) that didn’t see their unique snozz as a disability.

Of course its more about what you project out from behind that nose than what you allow to reflect back from your nose in.

Maybe there’s too much junk in you’re trunk or your belly is a little jiggy with it, or maybe you have a birthmark, or maybe your parents told you that you were no good. These things only matter if you decide that they are important. Frankly my parents told me so many things that I’ve completely ignored in my life I can’t really understand why people have cultivated selective hearing only for the the bad stuff. I’m wired to only hear the good stuff and ignored the rest anyway.

Whatever your rate limiting factors you’ll never live the good life until you get right with yourself. If a jiggly butt is an issue eat better, eat less, run a bit more. It’s you holding yourself back though not the big butt. Your nose really has nothing to do with your ability to meet someone nice or to find a great job or to get a loan to start a company. It’s just parked quietly on your face snuffing up air. Get right with yourself and get on with life. People who are really tight with themselves, comfortable and confident quickly find this world is a play pen. You can enjoy this ride of life so much that you completely forget to remember the very nose on your face.

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