Clever Ape Automatons

“For God’s sake, let us be men not monkeys minding machines or sitting with our tails curled while the machine amuses us, the radio or film or gramophone. Monkeys with a bland grin on our faces” 
D.H. Lawrence

Cars are like modern day equivalent of the wolf.

Parents are terrified of them. They pull their children tight when cars are near. They plead with their children to keep safe from cars and when there are cars around they severely restrict children’s mobility and play opportunities for fear they might suffer the equivalent of being devoured by the beast.

It’s a really sad state of affairs. We have given these hunks of metal more importance than the safety or happiness of our children.

In less than 60 years we have completely redefined life around the rights of motorists. Now there are signs warning drivers to look out for pedestrians. Like they are some strange alien life form that should not be expected on a city street.

When we harness technology for our benefit we exemplify the clever ape.

When we allow technology to constraint or subvert our humanistic impulses or our behavioural freedoms we are simply automatons.

The machines are programming us to compulsively check our mobile phone for new facebook messages. We think it is our choice and that we have decided to structure our life around a television program…

The question is whether you are are running someone else’ s (marketer/government/banker) programs or whether you the clever ape adapting yourself to the best life that the jungle offer?

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