Re-cycling those great childhood moments

“What can ever equal the memory of being young together?”

Michael Stein

Yesterday was a workday, but I spent the afternoon chaperoning 15 30-67 year olds on a cycle tour. It was interesting to discover that almost ¾ of the group owned a bike. I was less surprising to learn that only about half of those that owned a bike had been on it in the previous sixth months. I think this says a lot about how activity friendly our cities are.

The cool thing from this experience was the smiles from some of the people that hadn’t been on a bike since the day after they got their drivers licence. In a couple of cases that was over 50 years since they last straddled the saddle. You could just tell that riding a bike took them back to the moments of their childhood. At points where we regrouped you could look into eyes who’s mind was a thousand miles away.

I could wax lyrical about the many personal and community benefits of using your bike more, but for me seeing these guys today, the main benefit or the most compelling reason to ride a bike is that it is enjoyable. Ditch the excuses. Get out of your car and try cycling. It is fun!

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