Running on a smile

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” 
John BinghamNo Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running

We really like to run. We used to run a lot. About the only times we weren’t running was when we were asleep or riding our bikes. I’d run to work, run for an hour plus in the middle of the day, and then run home. On non-work days I’d run more because I always had time to. Ms S would run a couple of hours whenever she could. Then we had kids. Now we have other priorities. Kids only stay small kids for a very short time. You don’t want to miss out just logging clicks. So we’ve adjusted. We run less now. But we still get to run some. Like when we are chasing a runaway vagrant child that’s toddling into traffic or playing tag or soccer at the park. We’re destined to get back into our stride and become a running family.

We’ve never really entered into a marathon. We’re not interested in competing with other people. We don’t want to pay for running which in our opinion is best enjoyed free. If we ever want to compete with ourselves we can start timing regular running routes. For what reason I don’t know, but lots of people seem to enjoy it. We just run to run. We run on fun.

When I run I like to smile.

I smile because running is fun for me. I also smile because smiling is also good for me and I smile because smiling is a good advert for running. I like to think that at any moment I might run past someone and inspire them to try running because it looks like a fun way to stay in shape. I also smile because once I am running I know that I am already past the hardest part. The hills, the open road, the heat or the cold are all relatively easy to deal with. The hardest part of running, by far, is taking the first step. Just rolling out of bed before dawn and slipping into the mist or breaking out of a meeting to actually get that running fix. That is the biggest challenge. That’s where routines help. Running is a very important cog in our happiness routine. Running we’ve found has a huge impact on our weight, our self esteem and our moods. For me it’s the third most important element of any day behind cultivating loving relationships and eating a plant based diet.

Running is meditation. Running is medicine.

Running, it’s a beautiful thing to bring into your life.

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