Saving self speak

“Put your financial life on autopilot as a form of ‘forced’ saving”

Suze Orman


Saving money is hard.

No doubt about it.

You say things to yourself when you try to save money. Terrible things like…

“I can’t afford it!”.

You can.

You are choosing not to for the greater goal.

The truth is you should say something like “I choose not to afford it because savings are better!”.

Another cancerous line…”I deserve it”.

Actually you don’t. By crushing your savings for an impulse ‘deserve it’ item you are surviving instead of thriving. You are destroying the power of your money for a short term nothing.

Some might say that this small indiscretion doesn’t matter.

It does.

Your savings are a bucket. If you make even the tiniest crack in the bucket  it will bleed more than one drop. It will leak until it is empty. To release a single drop is as impossible as a sword cutting itself with it’s own blade.

It is hard just to cajole yourself into a savings mode in the first place. S0 stop thinking about your savings as being lost to you. Almost like it becomes someone else’s money. It’s all yours. Saving it gives you future monetary power and freedom. It is your future, food, water, power and shelter. These things are always more important than a saving hiatus holiday or a reward car.

Talk strong and defend your bucket from those greedy merchants that would use their honeyed talk to keep you in corporate slavery the entirety of your life.

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