Gazumping Cancer Risk: Gargle Garlic!

­­“What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art”

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

A very interesting study by Boivin et al. examined the impact of 34 vegetables on 8 different types of cancer.

The results suggest that eating a mixed plant based diet has dramatic results on cancer cell development, growth and (perhaps) decline. Garlic isn’t a magic bullet, but evidence suggests that eating an array of plants (especially garlic) is the best protection money can buy. Better than pills and much cheaper than treatment.

One of the most delicious and potent anti-cancer agents identified in this study was garlic. The effects reported were so profound (see the tables in the link above) that it is worthwhile ensuring garlic is a mainstay in your day.

Both cooked and raw garlic have equal impact especially if cooked garlic is crushed and left for 10 minutes before adding to a stew or one pot meal. Frying garlic, like frying anything, decreases its nutritional value.

Other simple ways to pepper garlic into your daily yum:

  • Pick the garlic dressing option to go with your salad at lunch.
  • Choose the garlic naan bread with your vegetable curry (hold the cow butter).
  • Pack a garlic laced homemade salsa or guacamole to have with your lunch on the run.
  • Drink a delicious garlic, agave and lemon tea made from fresh strained ingredients instead of a bag of dead leaves.
  • If you are a hard Harry or Harrietta just munch raw garlic cloves, but please don’t forget to adjust your breath afterwards!!


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