Repeat with me – “I don’t need this!”

“Going back to a simpler life is not a backwards step”

Yvon Chovinard (Owner of Patagonia)

Look around your house. Look at every item purposefully. Start from the premise “I don’t need this”.

Possession is not ownership. It a temporary right of use until you die, or you lose it, it becomes obsolete or it is stolen from you.

Truth is we use almost none of our stuff regularly. Keep only the tools that you use several times everday in a million ways.

Rent or borrow the rest. Buy second hand or acquire free and then resell afterwards. As a Bricoleur you can learn to make things work. You’ll find uncommon solutions from all the wrong parts with make do tools. You’ll find ways to do things like get all of the paint for your house free. You’ll stop needing the store. Both thumbs will turn green and your pasty office calves will become cows under the power of the pedal.

Trust me two years of simple living and you’ll hardly recgonise the person you’ll become. Your skills, abilities and your creativity will expand tenfold. You’ll win the choice to keep working and horde money or kick back and live the idle life. Living simply on not very much money at all is a truly sane choice.

2 thoughts on “Repeat with me – “I don’t need this!”

  1. >temporary right of use until you die, or you lose it, it becomes obsolete or it is stolen from you

    I like that mindset. To this list I add ‘it wears out or you break it”. I am constantly reminding myself that I shouldn’t be too attached to any thing because “it’s already broken.” Of course it isn’t actually broken right now, and I’ll be very careful to take good care of it. It’s just a mindset. That way, when it breaks, I won’t be upset.

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