The Pestilence of Central Banks

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Henry Ford


Our way of life is utterly contrived to ensure that the efforts of our life’s labour is directly transferred to big government and bigger banks. Think about it. You work for 30 years to pay your mortgage.  During this time the lionshare of any salary you earn is redirected straight to the bank to pay off your house, your car and anything else that you bought on credit. At the same time another vast proportion of your career earnings (usually ⅓) is transferred straight to the government coffers.


From your 40 or 60 hour, 5 to 6 or 7 day work week you try to generate a meager allowance for energy, food, apparel, shelter and store bought experiences.  Basically its a lot of life and a huge amount of your creative, intellectual and physical labour all for very little in return. The Central Banks greedily haul in your money (and everyone else’s) and then use this capital to fund profitable activities for themselves like wars. All wars are bankers wars. So the question. Why are we labouring, or soldiering, spilling our sweat and our blood to make obscenely rich bankers grossly wealthier. It’s not like they are doing anything positive with all their money and power. While they eat lobster and rape communities around the globe billions starve.


I used to think the Government, the right sort at least could make a difference. My logic was that with all those people and the incredible resources that the Government has simple social problems would quickly be identified and fixed. However, during my lifetime all I’ve seen are ineffectual efforts and huge political focus to misdirect people away from the issues that really matter. In time I figured it out. Voting is pointless. It just encourages them. There is no real difference between parties. They are all equally beholden to banking interests. Together they’ve created a set of rules that let a handful of families win big time.

Look at your life. See the rules, the shackles, that the banks put on you at birth. They call the rules economic and monetary policy.They pull the strings of government and the entertainment media to keep us transfixed in a narrow bandwidth of work and fear. These repugnant cankers operate from so far back in the shadows that 95% of people strongly believe that going to work almost all of the time for almost all of their lives, but receiving very little in return, is some kind of great deal for them.

The first step is to see yourself in wage slavery. A rat in the race. Next step in freeing yourself from the matrix is to live simply, avoid debt and keep most of what you earn for yourself. Once you can see the real reason behind the wars on TV and you are able to see the tricks of the banks as plain as the nose on your face your next duty is to tell others. To collaborate with others to take our world beyond the myth of capitalism and neo-classical economics.   Ultimately it would be good to see consumption taxed instead of production or labour as this would rationalise the use of scarce resources as a means to create wealth. We also need to make sure that whatever the system it is better suited to address the needs of the many rather than the extreme greed of the few.

We the people hold the power because this system is valid only until we don’t believe in it anymore.


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