The thief’s hand in the cookie jar

“Opportunity makes a thief”

Francis Bacon

If somebody swooped in and stole a piece of your property you’d be pissed. Naturally you’d do something about it. Something serious. Likewise if somebody dipped their greedy little fingers into your bank account (or would you)? Same thing if someone turned up wearing your shoes or if your car was taken right off the street.

There is one thing that is completely different.

People steal it from you everyday yet it it your most precious resource.

It’s your time.

Any old Jo or Joanne calls up, stops by your desk at work or sends you some junk and bam you give them your attention! Cell phones, TV’s, the office and the internet are all time robbers. Now I’m not about efficiency or time management or anything like that, but I am a fan of slow and I’m also a fan of choice. I’m a fan of getting to consciously choose how I spend my time because my time (really my effort and my attention) is my life. Time robbers are like putting yourself into a lifelong daydream. One day you wake up and you’re frail and old. ‘Where’d it all go?’ you’ll think. What did I do with all those years? Life will seem short.

Better to live a rich and full life entirely in each moment. Consciously aware and actively doing the most fulfilling thing that presents itself to you in every moment.

Remember the purpose of life is to be happy.

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