Specious media chicanery: Living beyond mass media metaphors

“If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly”

Thomas Sowell


If there was one fascination I wish we could collectively get over it would be the news media It’s not that there aren’t important issues and events in the world. Unfortunately the news is delivered to us as a highly contrived, narrowly focused and highly stylised form way that keeps us isolated, closed off and afraid. If you’d prefer to be connected, open and joyful then a positive step would be to ignore news media entirely.


There is a wonderful satirical web series at the moment that pokes fun at the ludicrous information that news media outlets pedal at us. By focusing on the story behind the story it highlights just how gullible we have become and how passively we accept this rot as the truth. I personally think the main news reader is called an anchor because it is their job to puppet carefully designed bunk that sink as all into a depressing fear filled paralysis. Each episode in this drama builds on the last to instill a grossly negative world view within us. The priests of high media preach a cynical mistrust of the wrongdoings of other nations and create fear that everyone from a different religious background is fanatical. It’s all so completely ridiculous!

The thing I fail to understand is why such serious and sensible people give the news stories any attention or the media businesses any credibility whatsoever?

If you are still wasting your time on the spell cast over you by the news media ask yourself the following questions the next time you consume a story:

  1. How does this story make me feel?
  2. Does it evoke positive or negative emotions within me?
  3. Do I want more or less of these types of feelings, experiences or emotions in my life?
  4. What is the underlying narrative? What are they really telling me?
    • For example – the world is unsafe, unstable, war is imminent, etc (fear based), or stereotypes of race, gender, class, etc. Usually something like all black people are criminals, the objectification of women or the world is a perilous place that is unsafe for children – rife with war and flesh eating disease. [Just really stupid shit].
  5. Is the underlying narrative worthy of my attention
  6. How was this story retold to me?
    • Biased? Alarmist? Urgent? Fast moving cameras, quick cuts, lots of graphics, hyped up reporter or a carefully chosen shocking photo?
  7. Why was it told in this way?
  8. Who benefits from me knowing this information retold in this way?
  9. How do they benefit?


Most important of all…why did I waste an hour watching this trash? 🙂

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