Guard your mind against negative programming

“Oh you hate your job? There’s a support group for for that. It’s called everybody!”

Graffiti on a wall

If you had your life to live again I bet you think it would go differently for you. You’d make better choices. You’d start out ahead of the game. Everything would go right. I like to think this way too, but truth is we’re the result of our consciousness, the choices and decisions we make and our emotional reactions to the situations around us. We’re also deliberately molded and shaped by society at large to be passive little worker bees that only live to shop. So chances are our lives would go exactly the same if we got a second shot at it.

Think about it like this. If you are reading this on a computer or an internet capable device then you probably have at leastt 1/2 of your life left. One third at a minimum. All the sunrises that you’ve seen so far don’t have any bearing on what you could do or what you could achieve in your remaining sunsets, but what are the chances that the second half of your life would deviate from the safe and predictable course you re on?

To make a shift you’d need to guard your mind against negative influences. You’d need to get around people that have already achieved the success that you are seeking. You’d need to learn to react differently to situations. You’d need to grow resistant to failure. You’d need to stop wasting your life on the internet, movies, TV, mobile phones or video games. You might need to get over your mental baggage. You may even need to restructure or terminate some of your closest personal relationships

Sure things could go completely differently for you, but you’ll need to kick the ride out of autopilot and take conscious control of your situation. Where this roller-coaster called life takes you in the next decade of your journey is completely up to you.

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